Baton Rouge Owned & Operated IT Solutions

Time is money! Eventually every business needs technology to assist them in working faster. Owners need secure access to information at home, at work, on the go and everywhere in between. Employees have to share access to invoices, files and contact information. Businesses need networks, email, file sharing programs, anti-virus, security and they need to be backed up regularly. GEAUXtechnology combines decades of experience working with businesses of all sizes including the largest companies in Louisiana. The list below are some of the most common services Baton Rouge businesses ask for but we build all proposals to the needs of our customers. Call us at (225)571-8881 and we’ll gladly come to your office to discuss needs and how we can help your business. You’ll speak directly with Ryan Brown who is an expert in all things technology.

Examples of Common Services we Perform

  • New or Existing Business Email Systems Installation and Repair
  • Local Hosting or Cloud based Service
  • Build, Order and Install Custom Servers to Your Business
  • Servers and File Sharing
  • Information and Endpoint Security
  • Data Backups On Site or Cloud
  • Update all Your Office PC’s and Servers
  • Remote Access
  • Supportability

We are a Baton Rouge owned and operated company. We live and work in Baton Rouge and specialize in Baton Rouge companies. Call us today!

If you’d like to see the bio of our partners check out the about GEAUXtechnology page.